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"I'm My Own Master Now" is a song from the 2013 video game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It is the theme of the Blade Wolf/LQ-84i and reflects how he is forced into battle and yearns for freedom.

The song was performed by Graeme Cornies.


Born into a pack
There’s no choice
But take orders to attack

Locked up in chains
I get fed
But the hunger still remains

Not content to live this way
Being led by the blind
Got to plan my dispersal
Time to leave them all behind

Breaking out of my pain
Nothing ventured
Nothing gained
I’m my own master now

Bear the mark of my scars
Shedding blood underneath the stars
But I will survive somehow

Hear me howl
Time to leave them all behind
I’m my own master now

Other Appearances

  • The theme has two variations that play over the course of the game: "Spirit of the Battle" when Blade Wolf gives Sam's Murasama to Raiden during the final battle against Senator Armstrong. And "Passing on the Torch" when an alert is raised during the Abkhazia portion of the Blade Wolf DLC.


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