"How Can I Refuse?" is a song from the 2004 direct-to-DVD animated film Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper. It features Preminger and his henchmen Nick and Nack as Preminger sings his plans to marry royalty and take over the kingdom.

The song was performed by Preminger's voice actor Martin Short, Nick's voice actor Brian Drummond, and Nack's voice actor Jan Rabson.


I’ve been bowing, I’ve been scraping,
I’ve been lying like a rug,
And for ten long years I’ve had to pay my dues.
But today I’m escaping, for the last gold has been dug!
It was waiting there so
How could I refuse?

I’m returning home a hero
Who’s discovered mighty wealth,
And what better husband could a princess choose?
I’m the suitor who will suit her,
Bring the kingdom back to health,
And I’ll wear the crown for
How could I refuse?

Raise every glass and rouse every cheer!
Praise that the reign of Preminger is here!
Master in charge of all that I see!
All hail me!

And by marrying the princess
I get all that I desire,
Like a moat, an ermine coat,
And palace views.
Even though she treats me coldly,
It’s a sign of inner fire,
For inside she’s thinking
“How can I refuse?”

No! I won’t let go!
This peasant's son won’t turn and run
Because some reckless royal chose another beau!

Ah! It’s a temporary setback,
It’s a momentary lapse,
But conveniently my ego doesn’t bruise!
And the moment that I get back
I will show them who’s the boss!
You can bet your bullion there’ll be no “I do’s”.

Yes, suppose the girl goes missing,
So the king says, “Au revoir”,
Then I find her, bring her back
And make the news!
Then the queen will be so grateful that she’ll
Pledge the girl to moi,
And I’ll humbly tell her,
“How can I refuse?”


When our ceremony’s over
I’ll arise and take the throne
And that nitwit Anneliese can kiss my shoes!
For the kingdom and my castle will be mine and mine alone,
If the crown should fit, then
How can I refuse?

So get ready with the roses
And stand by with the champagne,
When you’ve got a brilliant plan you never lose!
Yes, before this chapter closes
I’ll be big as Charlemagne,
It’s a thankless job but
How can I refuse?
How can I refuse?




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