"Hook's Tango" is from the 1954 musical Peter Pan adaptation. Feature Captain Hook and his crew celebrating their plan to kill Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.


Character Broadway 1954 Broadway 1976 1991 Broadway 1998-1999 Broadway 2014 Broadcast
Captain Hook Cyril Ritchard George Rose J. K. Simmons Paul Schoeffler Christopher Walken
Mr. Smee Joe E. Marks Arnold Soboloff Don Potter Michael Nostrand Christian Borle


To cook a cake quite large
And fill each layer in between
With icing mixed with poison
Til it turns a tempting green

(icing mixed with poison
Til it turns a tempting green)

We'll place it near the house
Just where the boys are sure to come
And being greedy they won't care to
Question such a plum

(the boys who have no mother sweet)
No one to show them their mistake
(won't know it's dangerous to eat)
So damp and rich a cake-

And so before the winking of an eye
Those boys will eat that poison cake
And one by one they'll die-

(they'll die they'll die they'll die they'll die they'll die-!

Other Appearances

  • It appears in all of the Broadway cast recording soundtrack.




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