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"Hide and Seek" is a song produced by Ho-ong-i, and performed by VOCALOID SeeU. It is sung from the perspective of a girl possessed by a malevolent entity who is playing a deadly game of hide-and-seek with a young boy victim.


Dingdong, muneul yeoreodao
Naega watdanda
Sumeuryeo haedo soyong eopseo
Dingdong eoseo yeoreodao
Naega watdanda
Domangchigien imi neujeosseo

Changmun saero boneun
Neowa nuni majuchyeosseo
Geobe jillin du nun
Gakkaiseo bogo sipeo

Dingdong naega deureoganda
Eoseo domangchyeo
Sullaejapgireul hamyeo nolja
Dingdong naega deureowatda
Eoseo sumeora
Sumbakkokjireul hamyeo nolja

Kungkwangdaeneun neoui
Balsoriga deullyeoone
Geochireojin neoui
Sumsoriga deullineun deut

Kkokkkok sumeora
Meorikarak boilla
Kkokkkok sumeora
Meorikarak boilla
Kkokkkok sumeora
Meorikarak boilla
Kkokkkok sumeora

Ttokttok bangmun ape watda
Deureogal geonde
Heolageun guhaji anheul ge
Ttokttok bange deureowatda
Eodi sumeonna
Geimeun jeomjeom kkeunnaryeo hae

Neoui bange inneun
Chimdae miteul salpyeo bwasseo
Yeogieneun eobnne
Da-eumeun otjang aniya

Dingdong yeogi inne

Dingdong yeogi isseonne
Nega sullae
Dingdong ije chajanne
Nega sullae
Dingdong naega igyeonne
Nega sullae
Dingdong beolchik badara

Dingdong geim kkeunnatda
Amudo eomnne
Dingdong modu da annyeong

Ding Dong, hurry open the door,
I have come.
Even if you try to hide, its no use.
Ding Dong, hurry open the door,
I have come.
It's already too late to run.

Looking through the window,
Our eyes met.
Two eyes frozen in fear.
I want to see up close.

Ding Dong, I'm coming in.
Hurry up and run,
Let's play tag and have fun.
Ding Dong I've come in.
Hurry up and hide,
Let's play hide and seek and have fun.

The thumping of your footsteps,
Can be heard.
Your ragged breathing,
Can be heard.

Hide tightly
I can see your hair
Hide tightly
I can see your hair
Hide tightly
I can see your hair
Hide tightly

Knock knock, I'm in front of your room's door.
I'm coming in.
I won't ask for permission.
Knock knock, I'm inside your room.
Where are you hiding?
The game is almost at an end.

I looked under the bed
In your room.
You're not here.
Next, inside your closet.

Ding dong, here you are.

Ding dong, you were here all along.
You're it.
Ding dong, I've found you now.
You're it.
Ding dong, it looks like I won.
You're it.
Ding dong, receive your penalties.

Ding dong, the game is at an end.
There's no one left.
Ding dong, goodbye to everyone.






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