"Her Darker Side" is a fan song created and performed by internet music artist Aviators, based on the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The song reimagines the show's protagonist, Twilight Sparkle, as a crazy demented character that decided to use her magic powers to for evil, causing pain and death.


Deep beneath
A stable mind
There's a space between
The truth and lies
Where sanity
Isn't what it seems
And real life is a
Nightmare of a dream
Behind the magic
Behind the books
There's more to her
Than there looks
Just watch out
Don't be surprised
When she shows
Her darker side

You cannot escape her so
Don't try to close your eyes
With every sinister spell
She shows her darker side

Perhaps a little crazy
But not insane
She's only got
Her magic to blame
On some days
She's just a mare
With not a hint of evil
No reason to scare
But other days
A sinister mind shines through
Now don't look back
She's watching you

It was never meant to be this way...

Other Appearances

  • The song was featured on the album The Adventure.


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