"Hello Neighbor vs. Yandere Simulator" is a rap battle by Cameron "VideoGameRapBattles" Greely. It features a duel between The Neighbor from Hello Neighbor and Yandere Chan from Yandere Simulator.

The song was performed by Greely himself as the Neighbor and Michaela Laws as Yandere Chan


[Video Game Rap Battles!]
[Player one: The Neighbor!]
[Player two: Yandere-chan!]

In 2015 there was a lonely little nerd!
Who set out to develop Hitman for pervs!
Now let's go to the present and I'll tell you what I see
This unfinished fetish game that can disturb the likes of me!
Its gory! Its boring! Its bland and devoid!
An artstyle more dull than Yandere Devs' voice!
Its all shocks and exploits
With girls treated like toys
And a psychotic protag who murders for boys!
Disgusting, your concepts just gross
A confused special snowflake with hyper hormones!
Now you come to my house, I'll trap you in a cell
Bring you down to my basement and send you to hell
You think that your sneaky, I see where you hide
You always got your head up a students behind!
How about I give you some info chan!
You got no idea what yo in fo chan!
Before you to build your tinyverse and try to front with me
Just remember that you needed my company!

Since I was little, I felt nothing inside
Nothing except love for my senpai!
All those between us must suffer and die
So I won't have a problem when I say goodbye
And you're one to talk far as game design goes
You're nonsensical plot's as messy as your home
What's wrong are you sad cause your family's all dead?
Don't worry when I'm done, you'll see them again
You're really insane if you think I'm outmatched
By this foul Mr. Rogers with his pedo-stache
Going over the top with his mad house and raps
All because that he's lost everything that he has!
And don't make me laugh claiming you'll put me down
That's quite the joke, even for a clown
For fighting on campus, I might get detention
But losing this will be your final suspension!

You've got quite the mouth, boy that thing runs!
For a chick who can't speak to the boy that she loves!
I don't care who you are or what you are about
Just pack up your whack raps and get out of my house!

As if people'd want to be in
Even I wouldn't hide in that giant trash bin
You'll be afflicted with chronic home sickness
Cause this public nuisance has just been evicted!

[Game over!]
[Choose your character!]
[Video Game Rap Battles!]

Other Appearances

  • The song was released as a single.




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