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"God of No More" is a song by the online band Starbomb. The song tell of Kratos and how he attempts to kill any god that he comes across. In retaliation the gods do everything they can to put an end to Kratos' rampage.


I am Kratos the destroyer, I'm the harbinger of death!
All of the Gods tremble before me as they draw their final breath
In my first 12 games I murdered every lord the earth has seen,
Now what immortal foes await me here in God Of War 13?

Kratos you are power mad, you're evil and insane
Your killing streak was vicious now only us lesser gods remain
You've slain my father Ares the overlord of endless war,
So now you'll face me Chaires the overlord of chairs and drawers!

Let's do this!
The world's out of control, Zeus and his clan are gone
Kratos killed them all, and now we're running out of Gods!
The ones that we have left, they're not the best
But they're our last line of defense
So here comes Spermes, the God of busting nuts!
And mighty Twerk-ules he is the lord of jiggly butts!
And no not all is lost, we have Po-soy-den, sacred god of sushi sauce!

Enough! Don't mock me with these weaklings I could slay with my bare hands!
I killed the God of love, the God of like and the God of one night stands!
I killed the god of tweezers, puppets, speedos, football, skis and satin.
And I even ew-slay the ittle-lay itch-bay od-gay of Pig Latin!

No more of these pathetic pawns, their blood has all been spilled.
We shall unleash a champion that's worthy of your skill!
Now here he is from distant lands, our savior so divine!
What's up Kratos? I'm the God of baked potatoes! Ah my spine!

Holy sh*t, there's more! He's mowing through them all
There goes the God of s'mores, and also thumbtacks, nuts and bolts
Just one last god remains
Who is this mystery lord, who shall save our domain?

I am the god of that thing where you're just about to sneeze,
But then your friend is all, "Hey what's up?" and you suddenly freeze!
But then you still have that nose tingle, it's a horrible tease!
And you're like f*ck
Ah... oh, Kratos, you are such a dick...
Yes, I know. It's awesome!


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