"Ganon Claus" is a fan song written and performed by AJ Pinkerton, as well as Angi Viper. It is sung by Ganondorf and Princess Peach as they tell the tale of Ganon Claus, with opposing views on the events of the story.


A time ago and far away
There was a distant land!
And in it lived a handsome brute
A grouchy, greenish man!

He beat to death a gangly elf
And led the Gerudo clan!
He was known as the dreaded Ganon Claus!

[Oh, I know that story.]
[You do?]

Old Ganon Claus had sacks of gold
He gave to those in need!
[He what?!]
He'd ho-ho-ho across the snow
Upon his noble steed!

And then
In every town, he'd trample down
All those practicing greed!
Says the tale of the gracious Ganon Claus!

[That sounds ridiculous and completely made up! Where'd you get that bugle horn?]
[Beats me.]

Now Ganon Claus was pretty bad
His evil knew no bounds!
Oh dear!
I heard he did much nicer things

Like burn stuff to the ground!
He killed off Gorons, Zora, and that guy who goes around...
[...And around, and around, and around. That guy kinda looks like Brentalfloss.]
And the world feared the wicked Ganon Claus!

There came a day when Ganon Claus
Caused Hyrule's hope to fall!
He took the triforce
Then proclaimed...

...Merry Christmas to you all!
[No he didn't!]
Put his rupies in charities
And gave his mom a call!
Oh, that merry, caring Ganon Claus!


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