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The "F.A.T.A.L. Theme Song" is the main theme for the 2004 tabletop Role-Playing Game F.A.T.A.L.: "From Another Time Another Land", published by Fatal Games. It describes the villainous actions of the game's many characters as they commit deplorable acts of violence.


[Alone on this mountaintop
I come for thee
I command thee
Yield to me
Or - F.A.T.A.L.]

F.A.T.A.L. is the best roleplaying game that there could be
Fantasy adventures to adult lechery
F.A.T.A.L. is the only game that has debauchery
Fantasy adventures to adult lechery

With my axe, with my axe, knocking at your door
Zero body parts
Bardiche, bardiche Hacking off your limbs
Someone in the back is screaming "Oh my God it's him"
In your house, you let them open the door
Take you to a special place
Turn your face to gore
Some in twilight, in the light, in the night you linger
Battleaxe, battleaxe chopping at my door
Gather all the bits and pieces put them in a box
Balled-up fist, balled-up fist bludgeoning your head
Tell me why you lied to me - you can't because you're dead

Dice never lie
Ted's a rent boy

Play with this, play with that, splitting you in half
Try to think you're clever now - convulsing while I laugh
Sorcerer, sorcerer casting evil spells
Make that woman not resist me, have her to myself
Tarantula is on this muesli
Tarantula eye torture
Curse without a sound
Your intestines and your blood spilling on the ground
Body parts, body parts getting me erect
Slides in through the mouth to strike me when I lost my set


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