"Evil for Extra Credit" is a song sung by Carl Karl from the episode "Where's Perry?" of the Disney animated television series Phineas and Ferb. It features Carl gloating after he is turned evil by Doctor Doofenshmirtz's Ultimate Evil-inator.

The song was performed by Carl's voice actor Tyler Alexander Mann, Doofenshmirtz's voice actor Dan Povenmire, and a chorus as backup singers.


I used to put up with too much aggravation
But take a look at me now
I got a new vocation
You heard it here first
'Cause I'm the one who said it
Yeah, I'm evil...

He's evil

I'm evil for extra credit

If you're looking for trouble,
Well I think you've found it
I park wherever I want
I dare you to impound it
If I'm losing a video game
I just reset it,
'Cause I'm evil...

He's evil

I'm evil for extra credit, yeah
That's right,
I'm evil for extra credit
Tell 'em all about it, girls

He'll do anything for good grades
(You know I will)
He's an evil jack of all trades
(I do it all)
You want badness? Then he's got it in spades
(I got a full deck, ladies)
Looks so good in leather and shades
You heard it here first, 'cause I'm the one who said it
'Cause I'm evil...

He's evil

I'm evil for extra credit
I'm evil for extra credit

Other Appearances

  • The song appeared on the album Phineas and Ferb: Rockin' and Rollin'.




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