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"Everybody's Got the Right" is a song from the musical Assassins. It features the Proprietor as he sells weapons to various historical assassins of United States presidents.


Character Original Off-Broadway London Premiere Broadway Premiere London revival Encores! Off Center
Proprietor William Parry Paul Bentley Marc Kudisch Simon Lipkin Ethan Lipton
Leon Czolgosz Terrence Mann Jack Ellis James Stacy Barbour David Roberts Shuler Hensley
John Hinckley Jr. Greg Germann Michael Cantwell Alexander Gemignani Harry Morrison Steven Boyer
Charles J. Guiteau Jonathan Hadary Henry Goodman Denis O'Hare Andy Nyman John Ellison Conlee
Giuseppe Zangara Eddie Korbich Paul Harrhy Jeffrey Kuhn Stewart Clarke Alex Brightman
John Wilkes Booth Victor Garber David Firth Michael Cerveris Aaron Tveit Steven Pasquale


Hey, pal—feelin' blue?
Don't know what to do?
Hey, pal—I mean you
Yeah, c'mere and kill a president

No job? Cupboard bare?
One room, no one there?
Hey, pal, don't despair
You wanna shoot a president?
C'mon and shoot a president

Some guys
Think they can't be winners
First prize often goes to rank beginners

[How much?]

[Four-fifty. Iver Johnson .32. Rubber handles. Owls stamped on the sides.​]

[All right, give me.​]

Hey, kid, failed your test?
Dream girl unimpressed?
Show her you're the best
If you can shoot a president

You can get the prize
With the big blue eyes
Skinny little thighs
And those big blue eyes

Everybody's got the right
To be happy
Don't stay mad
Life's not as bad
As it seems

If you keep your goal in sight
You can climb to any height
Everybody's got the right
To their dreams



[I said deal]

[You wait your turn!]

[It is my turn!]

[I was here first!]

[Watch it now, no violence!]

Hey, fella
Feel like you're a failure?
Bailiff on your tail? Your
Wife run off for good?
Hey, fella, feel misunderstood?
C'mere and kill a president



What's-a wrong, boy?
Boss-a treat you crummy?
Trouble with your tummy?
This-a bring you some relief
Here, give
Some hail-a to da chief

[You gimme prize—]

[Anything you want!]

[I want prize. You gimme prize!]

[Only eight bucks. Cheap for "anything you want."]

Everybody's got the right
To be different
Even though at times they go
To extremes
Aim for what you want a lot
Everybody gets a shot
Everybody's got a right
To their dreams

Yo, baby!
Looking for a thrill?
The Ferris Wheel is that way
No, baby
This requires skill
Okay, you want to give it a try

Jeez, lady!
Give the guy some room!
The bumper cars are that way
Please, lady
Don't forget that guns can go boom

Hey, gang
Look who's here
There's our pioneer
Hey, chief
Loud and clear

Everybody's got the right
To be happy
Say, "Enough!"
It's not as tough
As it seems

Don't be scared
You won't prevail
Everybody's free to fail
No one can be put in jail
For their dreams

Free country!

Means your dreams can come true
Be a scholar—
Make a dollar—
Free country!

Means they listen to you
Scream and holler
Grab 'em by the collar!
Free country!

Means you don't have to sit

That's it!

And put up with the sh*t

Everybody's got the right
To some sunshine


Not the sun
But maybe one
Of its beams
One of its beams

Rich man, poor man
Black or white
Pick your apple
Take a bite
Everybody just hold tight
To your dreams
Everybody's got the right
To their dreams

Other Appearances

  • The original version of the song was featured in the play's soundtrack.
  • The Broadway version was featured on the official soundtrack.
  • It also appears on Stephen Sondheim's 75th Birthday along with No more.




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