"Equalizer" is a fan song created by internet music artists Jyc Row, UndreamedPanic, Agatan, Metajoker and MC-Arch for the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, for the compilation album Enigma by Ponies at Dawn. The song reimagines Starlight Glimmer's redemption arc as she being just faking in order to get her revenge against the mane six.

It was performed by Agatan, Metajoker and MC-Arch. Each one of them wrote the lyrics of their part.


I am now what I wannabe
Stand by my side 
We all shall be equality

And I will make my dream
Become reality
And I will leave no apology
Because I have now authority

You are too far gone to come around
Your world is coming down
All things falling, and you're calling out
Wishing you had listened to me now

Equality, identical
We are the same, and best of all
You're still below me

So welcome to a brave new world
Two lines in a flag, and now you're
Turning toward me

Come and get it, I will make you regret it, 
This is the moment to step in, and giving your everything
Fully convinced, I will go for the win 
So bring all that your worship, it won't stop a thing

Been through disasters, what I thought after, 
was the abandoned but I still was casted
Spellbooks were blasted, still I was fater, 
Now the student outperforms the master

Magic I hijacked, rage I made unpacked
Played time itself, harder then backtrack
Still counting stacks, Cutiemarks on racks
Left out every track, done with looking back

Saw through every scam, outran the program, 
Took in every wham, still took the marks back!
My Starlight refuses to scram, 
I'll RIMRAM all of you wannabe GLIM GLAMS!

Other Appearances

  • The song was included in the album Jyc Row & Friends - Collabs Vol. 1.


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