"Diesel and Friends" is a song from the animated television series Thomas & Friends Big World! Big Adventures! episode, "Diesel Do Right". It features Diesel imagining himself as very important and having a show of his own. The song is a parody of the opening theme for the show, which is based off the song "Set Friendship in Motion".

The song is performed by Diesel's voice actor, Kerry Shale.


Den! Dart! Sidney! and Norman!
Paxton! and Philip! and Diesel Number One!

Let's go, go, go
On a big world adventure,
Let's go, go, go have fun,
With Diesel and his friends!

Let's go, go, go
And meet new friendly faces,
The world's just a train ride away!

Big world, big, big adventures!
Diesel & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!




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