"Diamond in the Sky" is a fan song based on the animated series Steven Universe made and performed by the internet music artist Princess Rizu. The song is based on Yellow Diamond's first appearance in the show.


My, my
Jilted? I?
Yet your fear leaks through your eyes
Why cry?
'Twas a lie
One you'll pay for with your life

Now I
Bare my might
Looking oh so dignified
Up high
Lift your eyes
To your Diamond in the sky

It's my
Deepest pride
To destroy and dull your shine
Death is nigh
When a Diamond's in your sky

You, in your grave mistake
Chose a Diamond to betray
But you won't slip away
Dare to cross us - dearly pay

We Diamonds, full of grace
Revel in our flawless state
Objectively we'll take
Joy in passing forth your fate

Just try
You can't hide
We've secured you in our sights
Shards will shine
Shine like Diamonds in the sky

Other Appearances

  • The song was released as a single.




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