"Diamond Dogs" is a fan song for the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by internet music artist Eurobeat Brony/Odyssey Eurobeat. The song is sung from the perspective of the titular Diamond Dogs to the ponies that have entered in their underground domains.

The original instrumental version was uploaded on April 2012, while on July of that same year a new version with lyrics was uploaded.

It was performed by Eurobeat Brony himself.


What in the world are you doin' here
your kind isn't used to life underground
You should'a turned, walked away from here
but that doesn't mean you can't stick around

Don't you escape, this will make you unable
let's get a saddle to keep it stable
Let's get you workin' now, you're in the company of...

Diamond Dogs, Diamond Dogs
Livin' underground in a world of thunder!
Diamond Dogs, Diamond Dogs
Do you think we care 'bout the pain you're under?

Do you think that you're better than us
Singin' songs of peace and sweet harmony
You're gonna march to a different tune
And you're gonna have to get it from me

You know there is nothing special about you

The upper level is fine without you

Get back to workin' now, you're in the company of...

Other Appearances

  • Both versions were featured in the album Super Ponybeat Vol. 2.


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