"Death To Squishies" is a song from the 2004 action video game Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal. It features Courtney Gears advocating for robots across the galaxy to unite to eliminate organic life.

The song was performed by Gears' voice actress Melissa Disney and a chorus as her backup singers.


[Yeah, what is up people? It's Courtney Gears.
Are you feeling me, robots? I'm feeling you.]

I see the future, and what do I see?
Robots going crazy across the galaxy
Can't stand organics they're soft and squishy
The time is now, we robots must be free

[Do you want to be free?
Then shout with me, yeah!]

This goes out to all you robots across the galaxy
Its time for you and me to rise up and strike back
Don't stop until we dominate
Won't you feel great when we exterminate
All organic life




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