"Daddy Discord" is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan song created by Internet music artist Sand Josieph. Iy features a duet between Discord and his (non canon) daughter Screwball where they discuss about bringing back chaos to Equestria together.

The song was performed by Lanvoran as Discord and SiminaCindy as Screwball.


So there you are my Dad, a statue oh so cold so dead
You tore their world apart and ev'rypony lost their head
Now I must carry on making Chaos for you instead
'Cause you are my Daddy Discord and I am a piece of you!

[I miss you daddy]

Please do not cry my dear your daddy is still very here
And when I do bust out we can respread the random fear
Our joy will be their pain as their world drowns in choc'late rain
'Cause I am your Daddy Discord and you are a piece of me!

Remember that one time you took me to that baseball game?
I got my Cutie mark...

...and things were never quite the same.

My wild pitches flew driving the ponies all insane
'Cause You are My Daddy Discord and I am a piece of You!

(Take me out to your mind game!
If Chaos loses it's a real shame!

Oh simple spawn of mine without you I would be so lost
You have stuck by my side...

...No matter what the tragic cost.

Your crazed imagined have given me a new found strength.
'Cause You are my Daughter Screwball and I'm breaking out of here!

[Daddy you are alive!]

[I'm free, free once again! May Equestria return to its natural chaotic state!
Come My Little Abomination, we have work to do!]

[I missed you daddy...]

Other AppearancesEdit

  • The song was released (along with an instrumental version) in the album also called Daddy Discord.
  • The vocals of both Discord and Screwball were released as separate tracks without music in the album Daddy Discord Resource Tracks.
  • A music box version was also uploaded on Sand Josieph's YouTube channel.
  • A music video based on the song was made by YouTube user MadameLeFlour.



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