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"Daddy's Home" is a fan song by the internet artist JT Music (formerly known as JT Machinima) for the video game BioShock 2. The song comes from the perspective of both Eleanor Lamb and Subject Delta, most the song focuses on Delta as he points out he will do whatever it takes to protect Eleanor from the Rapture Family and her mother Sofia Lamb.


Somewhere beyond the sea
Something slumbers underneath
When she wakes up from her dreams
We'll be reborn from the deep

Hold your noses cuz we're going for another long dive
Some call me Father, others call me Johnny Topside
Long forgotten, I was swept up by the wrong tide
Thought my bed was made but I just woke up on the wrong side
Jump starting up my heart, I've hit my second wind
Back from the dead, subject Delta checking in
Revving up the engine that has blended our genetics
Have you felt the natural selection that's already setting in
Fire at my fingertips, I won't be told to chill
Stacking plasmids like an addict, total overkill
I'm the one who's gonna call the shots, time to roll the film
Oughtta have a splicer, fill you in because I know the drill

Step between me and my daughter and you'll get bounced
Then any ADAM that you had is getting ripped out
Who's your daddy now? Who's your daddy now?
I'll run a rivet through you neck unless you'd rather drown
I cannot bear these utilitarians they are very selfish
Ever since Ryan ended up dying life has been twice as hellish
You wanna throw down? Cuz I am an Alpha you shouldn't mess around kid
Now that daddy's back in the house Big Sister's getting grounded

Here's some history, gun was to my head, I held it
Hindered with her hypnotism - hit me, had me helpless
Hideous, horrific what I hide behind my helmet
How about you tell your overzealous personnel, "split"
When I look at Lamb I see a wolf dressing up as a sheep
But Eleanor never abandoned me even with our dysfunctional "family"
Far from a slave, I'm a man you see
Haven't been shackled, my hands are free
Deep underwater, but I got my daughter, that's all that I need to live and breathe

You aren't alone anymore
Darling daughter, daddy's home
Stronger than your Mama knows
Come to papa, daddy's home

From the depths of Persephone, I am remembering everything
How I've been tortured and twisted, stripped of my memories and identity
After what happened in Rapture during the time that Jack spent
Never befriend somebody just because they got an accent
I'm skeptical of this suspicious southern charm
If you try to pull my strings, Sinclair, you'll set off some alarms
Can I trust everyone or never trust anyone?
I'm getting hesitant, what if the voices in my head are wrong?

Got their own agendas, even Doctor Tenenbaum
Find the sisters? My decision, if I wanna rescue 'em
I got EVE but I need ADAM, be a dear and get me some
Wanna watch me cut your cult in half? Then Lamb you let them come
Leave it to dad to put the team on his back
So you understand, both of my hands are full, but I keep her intact
You know I wish there were nicer types of splicers we could attract
But luckily with a mechanical mind, I find this easy to hack
Cuz I'm a tin-man, Frankenstein, knight in shining armor
But to my own daughter am I Daddy, or a Monster?
One too many times I've lost her
Once I was her guardian but now I'm counting on her

Daddy, I've been on my own
Can you see how much I've grown?
Taught me everything I know
So when will you be coming home?
I can't make it on my own
Mama's watching where I go
I can fix you if you broke
I have to bring my daddy home

I'm the heavyweight champ, you won't even last a round
Too long you brutes abused the juice, now you get smacked around
Delta's held the belt so many years here in Rapture now
Baddest motherf*cker in the building, who's your daddy now?
I'll ask you nicely, would you kindly put your weapon down?
And cut the cameras cuz I'd rather not be ratted out
I'm on the path to power, I would've made Atlas proud
Hit you with the one two punch, zap and whack you out

Grab my massive Gatling, light you like a firecracker, pow
Ransack your outta fashion trousers, stash the cash and grab your rounds
Ain't no passive Daddy now, I'm seeing red
Mother's turning up the heat, we're really gonna need to vent
Follow me, Little Sis
Time to leave this abyss
I don't think we'll be missed
I'll show you where the surface is
See the reflection of myself in how she's acting out
I'll watch my daughter become stronger than her daddy now

Daddy, I've been on my own
Can you see how much I've grown?
Taught me everything I know
So when will you be coming home?
I can't make it on my own
Mama's watching where I go
I can fix you if you broke
I have to bring my daddy home

Who's your daddy now?
Who's your daddy now?
We're a family now


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