"Condor" is a song from the season three episode "Rapa Phooey!" of the animated television series Total Drama World Tour. It features Alejandro, Heather, Cody, and Sierra as they attempt to return condor eggs to a nest.

The song was performed by Alejandro's voice actor Marco Grazzini, Heather's voice actress Rachel Wilson, Cody's voice actor Peter Oldring, and Sierra's voice actress Annick Obonsawin.


I'm tall, I'm tanned,
I'm young, I'm handsome.
I've come here to bring back your wee ones...
So, hush my sweet, condor
Let me win this one, please
So try, attack me!
But, I won protection
I don't feel that pecking.
So, save your objections
Hush, now, condor,
Let me in the final three
Whoah! Oof! Aw, no! Ah!

I, oh, I-I-I...
I've got problems with condors...
Problems with condors.
Why, oh, why-y-y?
Am I not at home? I ponder...
Trust me, oh, trust me-e!
I'm your best friend,
And I'll never eat eggs agai-i-in!

(My licorice! Oof!)
(Good news! You can have another chance later! But first...)

I'm a mom now, so don't be giving me flak!
Cause my first chick just hatched, out of his yolk sa-ack!
So, hush, my sweet!
Let me into the final three!

How I-I-I...
How I really hate these birdies,
And I wanna live to see my thirties.
These, these feathered jerks.
They're bringing me strife,
And "Cody II,"
I'm not your wife,'
For the last time!
Get a life!
Thanks, my sweet condor,
Now I'm in the final three!




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