"Circle The Drain" is a fan song based on the 2017 movie adaptation of the novel It created by internet music artist Aviators. It is sung from the perspective of kids that are being stalked by the entity known as IT.

It was performed by Aviators himself.


Somewhere down
Beneath the quiet streets
We've been searching for the answer
We've been losing track of time
Come to life
From our darkest dreams
Through uncanny, bleeding eyes
Through a whisper just behind

We're lost in the deep end
We're losing our minds
There's blood in the water
And fear left us blind
What kind of a monster
Is clever and wild?
Insatiable hunger
For the soul of a child
I'm with you, but I'm still afraid
Though we're stronger together
There's a demon below
And we're all gonna float away
As we circle the drain

Vicious smiles
Games of cruelty
Made from my own thoughts of dread
For a hellish appetite
Promise me
In the coming storm
When the hunt starts one by one
You'll stay by my side to fight

In the deep we're falling further
Vacuous faces in the dark
And we are the next mark
Don't look down
You're floating now
We're floating now
So we'll sail together
Don't let go
I'll save you so
This horror show
Won't last forever

Other Appearances

  • The song was released as a single.
  • The song was featured in the album Howling at the Moon.


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