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"Chupacabra Rap" is a song from the adult stop-motion television series Robot Chicken. It features the Latin American legendary creature known as "El Chupacabra" singing about his love of sucking the blood of goats.

Performed by Erik Weiner as the Chupacabra, and Chorus.


[You wanna know who be sucking all of these goats?]

I'm a Chupacabra legendary creature,
Tinyass goat you know I'm going to eat you

I suck goats like a bad mother-

"Cabra" means goat,
"Chupa" means sucka!

Bloodsucker stud at a goat buffet

Yeah, I'll be sucking on goats, like, every day
My thick ass skin is like ancient armor

I suck more goats than an Appalachian farmer

Wanna roll with me
Then you're out of luck

Unless you be bringing goats to suck!
You think I'm lying man, I'll slit your throat

You best believe me when I say,
I suck so much goat!

He's a Chupacabra
That's why he can not gloat
Sharp ass fangs,
Big old wings
Are we forgetting anything?
Oh, yeah, he sucks goats!

I came to chew bubblegum and suck goats

And I'm all out of gum-
That's my favorite quote

I suck on goats every week and weekend!
If I ain't sucking goats then I'm probably sleepin'

Got a goat-sucking process
You know you want it!
Number 1, find a goat
Number 2, Suck on it

I've sucked on goats from here to the New Orleans
I sucked more goats than milking machine

I'm the greatest of them all
Can't you see
"G" to the "O" to "A" to the "T"
I hope you're taking notes
I'm a bloodthirsty Gangsta
I'm-a suck your goats

He's a Chupacabra




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