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"Christmas Time in Hell" is a song from the season three episode "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" of the animated television series South Park. It features Satan, his demons, and the damned souls celebrating Christmas.

The song was performed by Satan's voice actor and series co-creator Trey Parker, and a chorus and extras as the demons and damned.


[Well I'll tell you what,
Maybe we'll have ourselves a little Christmas, right here.
C'mon everyone, gather 'round!]

String up the lights and light up the tree,
We're gonna make some revelry,
Spirits are high, so I can tell
it's Christmas time in Hell!

Demons are nicer as you pass them by,
There's lots of demon toys to buy
The snow is falling and all is well,
It's Christmas time in Hell!

There goes Jeffrey Dahmer with a festive Christmas ham
Sfter he has sex with it he'll eat up all he can.
And there goes John F. Kennedy, caroling with his son,

Reunited for the holidays, God bless us everyone!

Everybody has a happy glow,
Let's dance in blood and pretend its snow
Even Mao Zedong is under the spell
It's Christmas time in Hell!

Adolf, here's a present for you!]

[Un Tannenbaum!]

[Yes, Un Tannenbaum!]

God cast me down from heavens door,
to rule in Hell forever more
But now I'm kinda glad that I fell,
'cause it's Christmas time in Hell!

Here's a rack to hang the stocking on
We still have to shop for Genghis Khan
Michael Landon's hair looks swell
It's Christmas time in hell!

There's Princess Diana
holding burning mistletoe
over poor Gene Siskel's head
Just watch his weenie grow!

For one day we all stop burning,
and the flames are not so thick,
All the screaming and the torture stops,
as we wait for old St. Nick!

So, string up the lights and light up the tree,
We're damned for all eternity
But for just one day, all is well,
It's Christmas time in Hell!

Gather close together,
and make it quick
We gotta make room for
Andy Dick.

Wake his mother and ring the bell,

It's Christmas time...
Christmas time...
It's Christmas time in Hell!
Merry Christmas, movie house!

Other Appearances

  • The song was featured on the album Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics.





  • The song gained some fame in 2006 after an incident where it was accidentally played at a British hardware store.

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