"Chaos Theory" is a fan song created by internet music artist Aviators based on the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The song narrates how rejection was the cause of Discord's turn into evil.

It was performed by Aviators himself.


When I called you from the darkness
When I whispered in the rain
The cries unheard were cries of my own pain
It's a monster's cell I lived in
When you left me here alone
When you left it all behind and took your throne

Our one last chance
Was thrown away when you
Left me here like the rest
Now it's my time
Vengeance is mine
And here I think I might just
Put my chaos theory to the test

Could you bear to see me like this?
Could you look at what you've done?
You've stepped into a game that can't be won
Now you see what I've been thinking
Now you've stared into the sun
Now I'm going to kill them all, except for one

When broken hearts
Start to fall apart
Malice takes takes hold of the damned
Your words alone
Your heart of stone
Made me into what I am
I'm not insane
I'm victimized
Just scarred and bent on
Burning everything before your eyes
Now watch me do
What I do best
Unafraid of you
I'll put my chaos theory to the test

Other AppearancesEdit

  • The song was featured in the album Stargazers.


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