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"By the Sea" is from the dark musical play, Sweeny Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It features Nellie Lovett singing to Sweeney Todd about her dream to spend her time with him.


Character Original Broadway Original London Cast First Broadway Revival Second Broadway Revival Film
Nellie Lovett Angela Lansbury Sheila Hancock Beth Fowler Patti LuPone Helena Bonham Carter
Sweeney Todd Len Cariou Denis Quilley Bob Gunton Paul Hegarty Johhny Depp


Ooh, Mr. Todd
I'm so happy
I could
Eat you up
I really could
You know what I'd like to do, Mr. Todd?
What I dream?
If the business stays as good
Where I'd really like to go?
In a year, or so?
Don't you want to know?

[Of course]

Do you really want to know?

[Yes, yes, I do, I do]

By the sea, Mr. Todd, that's a life I covet
By the sea, Mr. Todd, oh, I know you'd love it
You and me, Mr. T, we could be alone
In a house what we'd almost own
Down by the sea...

Anything you say...

Wouldn't that be smashing?

With the sea at our gate we'll have kippered herring
What was come to us straight from the Straights of Bering
Everynight in the kick, when we're through our kippers
I'll be there slipping off your slippers
By the sea...
With the fishies splashing
By the sea
Wouldn't that be smashing
Down by the sea

Anything you say, anything you say

I can see us waking
The breakers breaking
The seagulls squawking
I'll do me baking, then I'll go walking
With you-hoo you-hoo
I'll warm me bones on the esplanade
Have tea and scones with me gay young blade
Then I'll knit a sweater
While you write a letter
Unless we've got better to do-hoo

Anything you say

Think how snug it will be underneath our flannel
When it's just you and me and the English channel
In our cozy retreat kept all neat and tidy
We'll have chums over every Friday
By the sea

Anything you say

Don't you love the weather?
By the sea
We'll grow old together
By the seaside, hoo-hoo
By the beautiful sea

Oh, I can see us now
In our bathing dresses
You in a nice navy
And me... stripes perhaps

It'll be so quiet
That who'll come by it
Except a seagull? Oh, oh!
We shouldn't try it
Until it's legal for two
But a seaside wedding could be devised
Me rumpled bedding, legitimized
Me eyelids'll flutter
I'll turn into butter
The moment I mutter, "I do!"

By the sea, in our nest
We could share our kippers
With the odd-paying guests from the weekend trippers
Have a nice, sunny sweet for the guests to rest in
Now and then you could do the guest in
By the sea
Married nice and proper
By the sea
Bring along your chopper
To the seaside, hoo-hoo
By the beautiful sea

Other Appearances

  • The musical's version was featured in its soundtrack.
  • The film's version was featured in its official soundtrack.
  • It appeared in the tv show of The US version of The Office, During Andy's Play.








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