"Bringing Back Happy" is a deleted song that was intended to appear in the 2016 animated film Trolls. It would have been sung by the evil Bergen Chef as she gloats about how she is going to allow Bergens to eat Trolls again.

The song was performed by Chef's voice actress Christine Baranski.


After years that were down right depressing
To whole decades unbearably glum
Watch and witness my ploy to deliver the joy
To kingdom come

Now I'm cooking up something special
My dear Bergens are in for a treat
A little garlic and oil
And trolls they're like royal
To fill them up with glee
Til they all bow down to me

I'm bringing back happy
I'm bringing back cheer
When they're looking for sunny skies and sugar hides
I got the stuff right here

And once they're shouting "Chef won't you feed me?"
They'll remember how much they need me
This don't just plan it right on track

I'm bringing back happy
Huge helpings of happy
So tell me you're happy
Happy that I'm back
I'm back

I'm back




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