Oliver! - Boy For Sale

Oliver! - Boy For Sale

Boy for Sale is a song featured in the 1968 adaptation of Oliver! It features Mr Bumble attempting to sell Oliver Twist to the highest bidder for slave labour. After failing to sell Oliver off to a blacksmith and later a chef, Mr Bumble eventually sells him to Mr. Sowerberry, an undertaker. It is sung by Mr Bumble's actor Harry Secombe.

Lyrics Edit

Mr Bumble: One boy, boy for sale. He's going cheap.

Blacksmith (spoken): How much then?

Mr: Bumble: Only seven guineas.

Blacksmith (spoken): How much?!

Mr: Bumble: That or thereabouts.

Fine boy, boy for sale, he's yours to keep, for a thousand pennies. You can work it out. That's four pounds three and four, slightly under four guineas

Chef (spoken): Three pounds ten shillings

Mr: Bumble: Three pounds what sir? Certainly not sir!

Any advance on three pounds ten? Going, going, gone.

I could not say he isn't very greedy I dare not I'd be telling a tale.

One boy, boy for sale, come and take a peek, have you ever seen as nice a boy for sale.

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