"Blainerific" is a song sung by Blaineley from the animated television series Total Drama World Tour in the episode "Niagara Brawls". It features Blaineley gloating about herself to her audience.

The song was performed by Blaineley's voice actress Carla Collins, Chris McLean's voice actor Christian Potenza, Courtney's voice actress Emilie-Claire Barlow, Owen's voice actor Scott McCord, Duncan's voice actor Drew Nelson, and Heather's voice actress Rachel Wilson.


Blain-Blain-Blain-Blain-Blainerific, is my name. Dishing dirt is my game. Invading your TV with my Blainelicious frame!
S-s-so terrific!
I'm fa-fa-famous

This is so against the rules, does Chris think we're a bunch of fools?
Rules? This ain't no Sunday School! Miss Thang up there's a rating's jewel!
M-M-Make me si-ick!
I'm fa-fa-famous.
Get me a half fat, no foam latte steamed to a hundred-two, heat!
I'm quite specific.
She's Blainerific!
So-so horrific.
I'm fa-fa-fam-
Who's that girl again?

[What?! Who am I? Who am I?! Who are you? I'm the host of the Puppy Bachelorette! I was nominated for a Gemmie Award! I interviewed you for Celebrity Manhunt!]

It's a fact and scientific, that I'm still Blainerific.
She's not so famous, turns out she's not so famous!




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