"Big and Loud, Part 2" (abbreviated "Big and Loud, Pt. 2"), also known as "Big and Loud (Reprise)", is a song from Warner Brothers' 1997 animated feature film Cats Don't Dance. It features Darla Dimple expressing her evil plans.

The song was performed by Dimple's voice actress, Ashley Peldon.


I didn't get where I am today
By letting myself get pushed around!
No man nor beast or kitty-cat or doggy
Is going to drag me down!

The lightning will be flashing
The thunder, it will roar
They'll never know what hit 'em!
Wait'll they see what I have in store...

Big and loud!
It will be big and loud!
When the fall they'll really fall!
And they're gonna fall big!
And they're gonna fall loud!
They're gonna fall big and...




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