"Big and Loud, Part 1" (abbreviated "Big and Loud, Pt. 1") is a song from Warner Brothers' 1997 animated feature film Cats Don't Dance. It features Darla Dimple and her butler Max tricking protagonist Danny into thinking he has a shot in Hollywood, though they are actually plotting against him.

The song was performed by Dimple's voice actress, Ashley Peldon.


I've seen 'em come
And I've seen up go
There's one thing that I know
You gotta give all people
What they want
Or you'll wind up back in Kokomo, Nebraska!

[Uh, Indiana, Miss Dimple.]


They like it big!
They like it loud!
Maybe a little bit jazzy sometimes...

Mr. Pussycat, listen to me
You don't have to be good
But you had better be...

Big and loud!
Big and Loud!
Gonna make your momma proud!
Make it big




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