"Better Way to Be Bad" is a song from the season nine episode "Frenemies" on the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It features Cozy Glow, Lord Tirek, and Queen Chrysalis as they try to work together to defeat the heroes.

The song was performed by Cozy Glow's voice actress Sunni Westbrook, Tirek's voice actor Mark Acheson, and Queen Chrysalis' voice actress Kathleen Barr.


I think I know a way that we can grow
Time to try something new, something better
No more solo, trust is the way to go
And all we need to do is work together

Ah, please!
No thanks, no way, I feel the need to say
I'm smarter, stronger, and I don't need you two

Stronger? Okay, I guess we'll downplay
How bad you got your rear end handed to you

It's time to try a better way to be bad
(Do we really need a better way to be bad?)
United as one
(Teamwork? Please, what a fad)

Combine all our strength, we'll go to any length
Once we have a better way to be bad

Let's go, begin, this time we're gonna win
(The ice you're on is thin, so watch what you say)
I know you're in, I think I see a grin
(For all this pain and torture, I swear you'll pay!)

This time, we've got a better way to be bad
(Sounds like a long shot, this "better way" to be bad)
United as one, we'll make those ponies so sad
(If we say "okay", would you just go away?)

Once we have a better way to be bad

We want to break their friendship
We want to make them weak
You want revenge on Starlight
You want that huge physique

So let's increase our chances
By working as a team
To crush our enemies to dust
And laugh as they all scream!

I think I see a better way to be bad

Just put me in charge, make me queen, you'll be glad

No! Listen to me, I'm the best of us three

Then you'll see a better way to be bad

This is my thing, a better way to be bad

You shall do as I command, I will rule this triad!

Hey! This is my song!

Sorry, not any longer!

A better way to be bad
Now you're making me mad
Won't the ponies be sad?
That would make me so glad

Now we've got a better way to be bad!




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