"Bendy Vs. Mama Tattletail", also known as "Bendy and the Ink Machine vs. Mama Tattletail", is a rap battle song by Cameron "VideoGameRapBattles" Greely featuring Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine and Mama Tatletail from Tattletail.

The voice of Mama Tattletail was provided by Greely's girlfriend Kat Wells, and the voice of Bendy was provided by YouTube Let's Player and musical artist DAGames.


[Why is everything from my childhood trying to kill me?!]

[Video Game Rap Battles!
Player one: Bendy!
Player two: Mama Tattletail!]


Out of all the greatest horrors bringing frights upon the player
They matched me up against a Freddy Fazbear party favor
I'll bend ya till you snap watch as I crack a whack in half
And use her scraps as sacrifice to bring back my rapping wrath!
You're the cheapest gimmick someone tries to sell to me
I'm Satan reanimated, what can you do, tell on me?!
And if you're telling me your company said they built you to survive
Against the lyrics written with this ink, then your creator lied!

And that's the end of Bendy's raps, I knew you can't go far
Considering one chapter's all the content you released at start
Pity that this cancelled kiddy thinks he can kill me
Toons haven't blown this hard since Steamboat Willie.
Really, it's silly just check where you're standing, see?
The pentagrams that summon you are used to try and banish me
Let's play hide and seek I'll try and find a full game
And I'll be searching for a while based on your release date

The egghead's a comedian that's quite the clever cut
But we'll see who's laughing when I show you real busted guts
Tell me, freaky Furby, how to ruin Christmas day
Cause I can't tell what gift is worse, your toy or Steam game!

Did you need Patreon for a second verse too?
I've seen stuff in Disneyland that is more frightening than you
It's time you got the hook as all old animation should
As I unplug your ink machine, and erase you for good

[Game over! Choose your character!
Video Game Rap Battles!]





  • The music video for the song features cameos from other horror game icons, such as Freddy Fazbear, Slender Man, the Rake, and SCP-049.
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