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"Battle Royale" is a rap battle from the season two finale of the internet animated series Animeme Rap Battles. It features a both rap and physical battle between some of the characters that have appeared during the season, at the end of the song Insanity Wolf comes, killing in the process the last few remaining people, so he decides to rap against himself, making himself even more insane in the process. At the end it's revealed it was all planned by the Baby Godfather meme.

It was performed by Brock Baker as Mario, Luigi, Meowth, Professor Oak, Mike Wazowski, and the 5SOS, Igor Gordienko as Minecraft Steve, JD Witherspoon as Kanye West, Michelle Glavan as Rainbow Dash, Anna and Elsa, Jonti Picking as Doge, Jon Bailey as Sully, Rocket, and Groot, Mick Lauer as Batman and Redminus as Insanity Wolf.


[What's up everybody
And welcome to the Season Finale of ARB
Animeme Rap Battle Royale!
It is a showdown; it is the showdown of the century
Who will be the last man standing?
And by 'last man', I mean:
Last man, last woman, last set of brothers, last set of sisters, last cat, last dog, last pony, last superhero, last monster, last pocket monster
Or maybe even... last host]

Let's go
Why don't you all get real jobs?
You think you can win?
We're doing mafia
Say hello to our little friend
It's me Mario, yo
And Luigi, homie
Like a Nintendo cartridge, you can all blow me

You two are so short
You won't even see it when I make it rain on ya'
With your own plumbing
You're old as balls
On Yoshi, it's one dinosaur riding another
Saw your family pics
You get that mustache from your mother?

You're like the girls you get
1's and 0's
Who's The One now, Neo?
You a Jackass, Steve-O
On this temple, I'm a black steeple
I care less about you than George Bush cares about black people

My Cutie Mark's a gang sign
Oops, my bad
My brony stampede will leave you like Simba's dad
Yawn, you bore me
I think I'll nap on the ground
As if motherf*cker, I can sleep on a cloud

Such surprise, much rap
You not good at
You from streets of Equestria
Not where the hood at
You want a friend?
Meet this bone, here go
Both dull, both lifeless
Both yummy treat for Doge

You're a played out meme
Your empire's broken
Doge Coins are worth less than Freddy Fazbear Tokens

What's all that racket?
I was having tea with Mr. Fuji
I'm Professor Oak, b*tch
Eatin' Goldeen sushi

I'm scarier than the bats
That scared Bruce Wayne
Charizard was so scared
He fire punched his brains

I never miss with a diss
My rap game's phenomenal
I'm trying to find your talent
Let me put in my monocle

We'll straight up stab you bludgers
With our sharpened awards
It's the five-second rule
Eat your tucker off the floor
We'll didgeridoo you dirty
And my mates are heap starvin'
Take you outback
And burn you like prawns on the barbie

It only took five seconds for you to steal people's fans
Can't take the heat? How will you beat winter, man?
We flow so cold like ice cube, boss
Meet my new boy toys, Sub-Zero and Jack Frost

No one can out rap me
Not Gordon or Bane
I'm a direct relative of Lil Wayne
I've got a tool bet
Like Tim "The Toolman" Taylor
You babies look out of breath
Here's an inhaler

We had a record-breaking box office
Call us FedEx
I am Groot
Yeah boy, cheers to success!

Watch your movie?
I think I'd rather pay taxes
I'll tie a rope around your neck
And hang you from Groot's branches

[Ladies and gentlemen, the winner is... Batma--]

[Where's everybody at?]

They call you 'Insanity Wolf'?
Where's your workout DVDs?

Let me tell you about that one time
I ripped Shaun T

You're a little teen wolf
Like Michael J. Fox

I'm butter you're toast
And now we both know who's on top

You're acting like a legend
You ain't the Chupacabra

Fine, I'll move to Mexico and live with Chihuahuas

I'm the wolf whisperer, son

[You're about to get neutered]

[Ahh! Sarah McLachlan!]

[It's done...]

Other Appearances

  • The song was included in the album Season 2.
  • An instrumental version was featured in the album Instrumentals / Beats.




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