"Baldi's Basics Vs. Granny" is a rap battle by Cameron "VideoGameRapBattles" Greely featuring Baldi from Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning and Granny from Granny.

The voice of Baldi was provided by The Stupendiumm, and Granny was voiced by Greely himself


[Video Game Rap Battles!
Player one: Baldi!
Player two: Granny!]


You learn something new every day, I never thought I’d find
A game with graphics worse than mine, and I was made in 2 weeks time
Grading your flunked design, you’d think that I would be your hero
I would sever all your fans, but I just can’t divide by zero!
It’s imaginary like the fact that your crap was a fad that had
A fanbase that’s above the age of kids that’d learn my math
Class take out your iPads and please delete your Granny apps
So we don’t have to hear the fetus of the Neighbor and Slendrina rap

The only class you’re set to teach is a classic lesson in irony
The game that aimed to parody the horror tropes we’d always see
But suddenly, he’s struck by fame and I hear every step you take
as you became you the thing you hate now the numbers you calculate
Are on your lame Kickstarter page, isn’t that a shame
You started best in class but now you fail to recreate
Every other game, you’re a problem and you can’t erase it
and the only answer that I see is that Baldi’s basic

You got the question wrong, everything you said was false
I won’t send ya to detention, I’m the one running the halls
I’ll just take you on a field trip where you’ll be taught to admire
The hottest horror icon as I roast on my fire

Liar! This bad joke’s in no shape to be king
So now let’s see how horrors ruler measures up to guillotines
It’s obscene, I’ll lock in the basement but no one’s lamenting
When I break you into fractions to ensure you’re true ending

[Game over!
Choose your character!
Video Game Rap Battles!]




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