"Baldi's Basics vs. Bendy and the Ink Machine" is a rap battle by Cameron "VideoGameRapBattles" Greely featuring Baldi from Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning and Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine.

The voice of Baldi was provided by The Stupendiumm, and Bendy was voiced by Greely himself


[Video Game Rap Battles!
Player one: Baldi!
Player two: Bendy!]


No need to battle, Bendy, it's best you just departed
Because when I beat you we would wind up where we started
This schoolin's your funeral for your game's dead inky carcass
Baldi's the hard hitter, bar spitter claimin' the market
If my protégé had been assigned an art display
and handed in a sketch of you to me as their project for grades
Then I would flunk what they create, they'd get suspended from my place
and I would rip the damn disgrace out of the child's notebook page
Your game is boring, not creepy
Your owner Joey so sleazy
Gave you life for cash, it's greedy
You're just a puppet like Meatly!
It seems so easy, just walk through the leaky
rooms feeding us the exposition
Story is bleak and the gameplay need tweaking
Starting with the weak combat system
That wack axe that your player rocks
is clunky and it still could stop
you and your goons so I care not
about all that ink flow you got 'cause
pen game, you've got none
I've won two raps, you've lost one
So this class you should drop, son
or you'll end up a Lost One!

That was a less than pathetic lesson, I guess it's expected
from when a fad driven graduate tries to lecture perfection
I said it's such a pity kids are being taught by the idiot
That is massive default dancing on those ironic ditty.its
But now Bendy is spitting it, with no chapters, I am all out
I know you'd be my foe 'cause when I play my sheepish song loud
wrecked unfinished messes always really seem to crawl out
into this hairy situation where I'm shaving bald out
Fall now
You face Satan, so embrace it
Just face it, you're basic
Take your ruler and I'd bash your face in
But you've done that for me
That mug's abhorring
If math is ya game, then just stack up the fame
and tally up who's scoring
Even school is not this boring
So just call your whack class of NPCs
They'll learn a lesson when I compress 'em
and cut them out into PNGs
Anybody tryna to beef with me must have a messed up head
I'd say that we should change your name to "Baldi's Special Ed"!

You're clownin' if you're braggin' 'bout creative style, chum
You steal the final Joker battle from Arkham Asylum
Bendy's tale is told and I sure hope you all loved it
Now it's time to close his book and move on to a better subject

So what my game is over and I said my so longs?
At least my story made it past the starting prologue!
Your face is turning red,
Get out while you still can,
But once you make it through those doors
you'll face me once again!

[Game over!
Choose your character!
Video Game Rap Battles!]




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