"Bad Son, Good Sun" is a fan song written and performed by RRF Sings for the animated Disney television series Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure (formerly known as Tangled: The Series). It is from the point of view of Varian as he admits that, while he made mistakes, he only meant to help others and only wanted to be cared for, and upon meeting Rapunzel, saw her as a savior. Unfortunately, when Rapunzel was unable to help save his father, Varian swore vengeance and to prove he is worthy of his father's love.


All I’ve even known
Was something’s wrong with me
I’ve always worked alone
With books and alchemy

The whispers of a town
That was drenched in fear
They always were so loud
Like screaming in my ear

I am a bad son, a bad son
I’m trouble, I’m messed up
I have to prove them wrong
I’m not a bad son, a bad son
I’m working, I’ve messed up
But one day I’ll be strong

All I ever wanted
Was someone by my side
You came when I was hated
I thought you never lied

A beam of hope so bright
Even I could see
I trusted in your light
And you believed in me

You are the good sun, the good sun
A blessing, a savior,
A whole knew point of view
I found the good sun, the good sun,
So nothing could go wrong
Too good to be true

All I ever asked
Was for you to save his life
But your true self unmasked
And threw me into the night

So I have made my plans
And I have a new drive
His blood in on your hands
Now judgement shall be mine

You aren’t a good sun, a good sun
Can’t prove it, can’t show them
I don’t want to hurt you
I’m not a bad son, a bad son
Can’t prove it, can’t show them
There’s one thing I can do

I am not a bad son
I have never been a bad son
I was not a bad son
But now I am a bad son

I am the bad sun, the bad sun
I’ll fight back, I’m not done
Soon you will comprehend
That I’m a bad son, a bad son,
Can’t be saved, can’t be loved
I never was your friend

You are the good sun, the sun,
A blessing, a savior,
But savior's don’t betray
I am the bad son, the bad son,
But you made me bad, Sun
And now I’ll make you pay

Other Appearances

  • The song was released as a single.


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