"Bad Guy" is a song made and perfored by the Steampunk themed band The Cog is Dead. It features a stereotypical old school "moustache-twirling" villain singing about the bad things he likes to do, like trying to conquer the world and kidnapping ladies. The song is a parody of the song of the same name by Billie Eilish.


Black Hat. Black suit. My shady clothes.
Mustache Twirled tight beneath my nose
Creepin' I lurk in the shadows
Cause I'm a criminal.

Boo! Hiss!
At me when I'm around
that miss I'll take without a sound
my lair is hidden underground
My scheme? The pinnacle!

So you're a good guy
help out if you could guy
not misunderstood guy
doing as you should guy

I'm that bad type
Tie her to the tracks type
might just use an axe type
keep my mustache waxed type
I'm the bad guy!

I'm the bad guy!

I'd like the world in my control
you say I'm diabolical
That's me! I've got to play the role
so one-dimensional

Kidnap the damsel in distress
but she won't wear the wedding dress
so I'll just tie her up, I guess
leaving a ransom note

So you're a coarse guy
swoop in on a horse guy
rescuing with force guy
take the hero's course guy

I'm that mean type
out to get your green type
try to hog the scene type
comically obscene type
I'm the bad guy!

I'm the bad guy!
Ha! Haha haha
haha haha

I'm only good at being bad!

I like when you get mad
it does my old heart glad now and then
but wait, what's that?
The antidote's under your hat?!
Well, you may have stopped this crime
but I'll get you next time!
Foiled again!

I'm the bad guy!
I'm the bad guy!
I'm the bad guy!
Come on! You know who I am!
I'm the bad guy!

Other Appearances

  • The song was released as a single


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