"Avada Kedavra" is a fan song for the Harry Potter book and film franchise, and a parody of the song "Hakuna Matata" from Disney's 1994 film The Lion King, performed by musical group Nuclear Bubble Wrap featuring artist Steve Goodie. It features Lord Voldemort and Peter "Wormtail" Pettigrew as they introduce Draco Malfoy to the Killing Curse and instruct him to kill Dumbledore.


[Draco, at times like this, we Death Eaters say: "You must get Lord Voldemort's behind."]

[No, no, no!]

[Sorry my lord...]

[Amateur. It's “Get behind Lord Voldemort.” Draco, a bad thing needs to happen, and it’s up to you.]

[That’s not what they teach us at Hogwarts.]

[Then maybe you need a new lesson!]

Avada Kedavra! What a wonderful curse.
Avada Kedavra! They don’t get any worse.
It means no Harry, better call him a hearse...

[Okay, he’s a hearse!]

Ha! It’s our trouble-free, artillery...

Avada Kedavra!

[Avada Kedavra?]

[Yeah. It's our favorite hex!]

[What's a hex?]

[Geez kid, what the hex wrong with you? Ha ha ha!]

[Ha ha ha! Good one, my lord. Draco, those two words will solve all your problems.]

[That's right. Take Wormtail here...]
Why, when he was a young Hogwarts... student...

When I was a young Hogwarts... student...

[Very nice.]

[Heh heh, thank you.]

He found his persona lacked a certain appeal
He was teased and abused, 'til he squirmed and he squealed...

I'm a sensitive soul, and I was so chagrined,
that they put me in Gryffindor, and not Slytherin!
And oh, the shame!

[He was ashamed!]

Such a lame nickname!

[Yeah, Wormtail’s pretty lame.]

And I wanted to quit...

[How did ya feel?]

Well, I felt like...

[Hey! Wormy! Not in front of the kids!]

[Oh. Sorry.]

Avada Kedavra!
So nicely depraved!
Avada Kedavra!
Even though you don’t shave... yet.

It means no Harry, he’ll go straight to the grave.

[Yeah, sing it kid!]

It's our recipe...
For anarchy...
Avada Kedavra!

[Welcome to the dark side.]

[You’re all killers?]

[We kill whoever we want.]

[Yup! Turn 'em into rump roasts!]

[That’s beautiful!]

[That Order of the Phoenix makes me so mad!]

[I’m so angry I could kill a house-elf.]

[Heh... we don’t need a house-elf killed... yet.]

[An owl?]


[Harry Potter?!]

[No, he’s mine! Listen, if you’re going be a Death Eater, you have to act like a Death Eater. And there’s one fella that really needs to... go away.]

[Ooh, who’s that?]

[A certain headmaster... who did you think?]

[Oh... Wow...]

[Oh yeah... I hope you’re not chicken.]

[Unforgivable, yet satisfying!]

[This is a rare opportunity.]

[Mmm hmmm.]

[Mmmm... he’ll die with a very pleasant crunch.]

[You’ll learn to love it!]

[I’m tellin’ you kid, this is the great life. No rules, no accountability... Ooh! The little muggle kind. And best of all... we’re all pureblood!]


That is, except me. Well, kid?]

[Oh well...]

[Hey! Don’t point that at me!]

[Avada Kedavra!]


[Unforgivable, yet satisfying.]

[That’s it!]

Avada Kedavra!
Avada Kedavra!
Avada Kedavra!
Avada -

It means no Wormy, and Dumbledore’s in his grave.

Love to hear them scream, in that flash of green...

Avada Kedavra!

Avada Kedavra!
Avada Kedavra!
Avada Kedavra!
Avada Kedavra!
Avada Kedavra!
Avada Kedavra!
Avada Kedavra!

Avada Kedavra! Ooo ooo ooo...

Avada Kedavra! Ha ha ha ha!

Ah... ooo ooo...

[That’s right... it’s the circle of death...]

Avada Kedavra!

[ Be prepared... can you feel the death tonight?]

[My hand hurts...]

Avada Kedavra!

[I just can’t wait to be king! King... King Voldemort... that’s, that’s me... King Voldemort!]

Other Appearances

  • The song was released as a single and on the album Something to Sneeze At.




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