"Are You Feeling Alright?" is a song by The Stingers from the animated television series Jem in the season three episode "A Change of Heart".


I don't get it, something's wrong
You've been acting strange
Why the sudden change, baby?
Why the sudden change?

Are you feelin' alright? (alright)
You seem uptight (uptight)
What's makin' you act this way? (ooh)

You're so outta sync (s-s-s-sync)
I don't know what to think
Are you feelin' alright? (aah)

I don't like it, not one bit
You seem so intense
Please, don't take offense, baby (oh, no)
You're not makin' sense

Are you feelin' alright? (alright)
You seem uptight (uptight)
Don't tell me that you're okay (okay)

You're so outta lurch (outta lurch)
I'm gettin' a hunch
You ain't feelin' alright (alright)
Come on, are you feeling alright?




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