"And Eve Was Weak" is from the musical adaptation of Carrie. It features Margaret White singing her religious beliefs and that Carrie is a sinner under God's eye, as Carrie White stands up for her self.


Character Workshop Broadway Reading Off-Broadway revival Off-West End
Margaret White Maureen McGovern Betty Buckley Marin Mazzie Marin Mazzie Kim Criswell
Carrie White Annie Golden Linzi Hateley Molly Ranson Molly Ranson Evelyn Hoskins


Bow your head and pray, woman
And God made Eve from the rib of Adam
And Eve was weak, and loosed the raven on the world
(Mama, it's not my fault) and the Raven was called sin
And God visited Eve with a curse
And the curse was the curse of blood
Say it woman

And God made Eve from Adam's Rib
And Eve was weak. (Mama, how could I know?)
And Eve was weak
And Eve was weak. (Why didn't you tell me?)

And God made Eve to bear the curse
The curse of blood, (It's not a curse.)
The curse of blood. (Ms. Gardner said it's something all girls go through.)
The curse of blood. (You should have told me!)

You're a woman now! Pray to heaven for your wicked soul!

The raven came to plague the world
Its name was sin (It's not a sin)
Its name was sin (Oh, Mama, it's not a sin)
Its name was sin, Begin!

And lust was how the sin began
The sin was man (I don't understand)
Well understand (No!)
The sin was man (What have I done?)

God has seen your sinning
Just beginning
Pray for your salvation
From Damnation
Pray or
He will burn you
He will burn you

The seed conveys the power
And it's come again (Mama, what is the seed?)
It's come again (Don't you care)
It's come again (That I started to bleed?)

Until the seed is crushed
The power never ends
It never ends
It never ends

(Mama, I was so scared and they all stared
Then I started crying I thought I was dying Mama!)
Have you no sense of shame? (Please don't hurt me)
Pray for mercy, get down on your knees. (Please don't hurt me)
Satan's staking his claim
'Cause your soul is a hole of disease

I can see you inside (Don't believe with your eyes)
Full of sin, full of pride! (Those are lies, Mama, lies!)
That's how Lucifer fell (Mama, how could I know?)
And you're headed for Hell
I won't let you go! (Mama, let me go!)
Heaven hates a sinner!
Hates a sinner (I'm not a sinner)
Save your soul from burning (Mama, stop it's burning!)
God, she's burning (Stop it's burning!)
Pray or (No! Mama, please!)
He will burn you (Stop!)
He will burn you

And God made Eve from Adam's Rib
And Eve was weak
And Eve was weak
And I was weak

I prayed this day would never come
I should have known
I should have known
Now I'm alone

I'm so afraid
Oh Lord, I've seen this power before
The flesh is weak and I implore
Father, don't forsake her
Father, take her
Cleanse and purify her
With the fire
And the power
And the glory
And ever
And ever

Other Appearances

  • The song is featured on the cast recording soundtrack album.






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