All Things Must Die is a song from the ongoing American web cartoon series RWBY. It plays during the battle between Raven Branwen and Cinder Fall seemingly from Raven's perspective as she mocks Cinder for her cruelty, claiming that when Cinder finally dies no one will mourn her.

The song was performed by Casey Lee Williams, the singer of most of the songs in RWBY, and the singing voice for one of the series' protagonists, Weiss Schnee. The song was written by her father and series composer Jeff Williams.


Day by day it’s nearer
Step by step you grow
Closer to your ruin
Soon your time to go

Life is just a journey
Yours is near its end
Bloody evolution
This world transcend

Black out the sky
All things must die

This is the end
Here’s where you’ll die
Legends should scatter
So just say goodbye
No one will miss you
When you’re fin’lly gone
At your conclusion
Sing your swan song

Murder unkindness conspiracy
Embers extinguished in effigy

Just close your eyes
Don’t fear demise
Black out the sky
All things must die

All tales conclude
All bonds dissolve
Infinite matter
Will always evolve
Just pray for mercy
At your time of death
Ne glad you existed
Enjoy your last breath

Gleefully voicing this eulogy
Spawn of the tenets of treachery

Rest now, subside
With fate collide
Black out the sky
All things must die

It’s time to accept to abide
Admit that the hour’s arrived
Resign, comply
It’s time to be one with the sky
Surrender your pride
Let death be your guide
All things must die

Just close your eyes
Don’t fear demise
Black out the sky
All things must die!


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