"All I Ever Wanted" is a song from the seventh episode of the YouTube Disney fan series The Villains Lair created by PattyCake Productions. It features Jafar, Judge Claude Frollo, Scar, Captain Hook and Maleficent singing about the things they have desired to achieve the most in their lives.

It is performed by Jafar's singing voice Tony Wakim, Frollo's actor Russell Warner, Hook's actor T. Robert Pigott, Maleficent's singing voice Hannah Juliano and Scar's voice actor Layne Stein.


For years I have waited and watched from the sides
While others were given their dues
Overlooked and forgotten
My words cast aside
I did what I needed to do

As a child I learned that the world can be cruel
A game to which there are no rules
Thieves are forgiven and justice is blind
But this time the justice is mine

The past is a story
It tells us all who we are
It robs us of glory
And leaves us with nothing but scars

All I ever wanted
Was a life that was rightfully mine
To never play second in line
Time to thrive not just survive

All I ever needed
Was a moment to even the odds
With power to rebel the gods
The stars aligned to my design
It's all I ever wanted

All of my life I have tried to be heard
But men only hear what they fear
Fate wasn't given, it's something I took
Now they have fear of the hook

There was always a standard to which I was held
A fairness to which I was sworn
But life took a turn and the hard way I learned
Every rose has its thorn

Casted to the outside
Watching as others delight
A thirst on the inside
For darkness to conquer the light

All I ever wanted
Was my time living life in the sung
When those fools all regret what they've done to me
They'll see that I'm not through

All I ever needed
Was a moment to conquer my fate
To never be second to great
A world that's prime and mine to take
It's all I ever wanted

Days turn to hours and hours to years
Hope becomes twisted and rooted in fear
Balance and order are cast to the side
Vengeance for justice that I've been denied

All I ever wanted
Was a chance to even the score
Why settle for less when there's more
To conquer all that came before

All I ever needed
Was a slip in the balance of time
To regain what's rightfully mine
To change the end and start again

It's all I ever wanted

Other Appearances

  • The song was released as a single.
  • The song was featured in the album The Villains Lair (Season 1) and The Villains Lair (Season 1).
  • The song's demo was featured in the album The Villains Lair (Season 1).




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