"All Hallows" is a Halloween song created and performed by internet music artist Aviators. The song tells the story about how once every century, on All Hallow's Eve, the various monsters the holiday is based on arrive to our world searching for revenge, with the only way to escape from them is to disguise and become a monster too.


Still air, the harvest moon in the sky
Fools scared of their supernatural demise
Raised hair on the back of your neck
Tells you something is lurking tonight
The hymns of the October wind are howling through the trees
The sun sets on a night to bring the bravest to their knees
A thin divide is lifted letting spirits through the fray
When shadows fall the beasts have come to scare us all away

Dark saints
All hallows
The villains hunt before they're off to the gallows on a
Cursed night
A bone chiller
Cover your eyes, 'cause you're living a thriller

Red feast, of bounty for violent delights
Released from hell and its unending spite
One breach, every hundred years
To let the masked reign the living with fright
A ravenous monstrosity to put Lovecraft to shame
When horrors born with countless eyes, arise without a name
The living and the citizens once mourned but fear the dead
Those fiends have come for vengeance, and will bury them instead

The spirits and the whispers stir, the shadows come alive
The dead ones in their sleep no longer pressured to abide
Free reign, for those between the veil
Held tight within a harrowing tale
Lights out, hide on this unholy eve
When the mortal boundaries fail

Other Appearances

  • The song was released as a single.


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