"Abracadabra" is a song sung by The Misfits from the animated television series Jem in the season two episode "Music is Magic".

The song was performed by Pizzazz's singing voice Ellen Bernfeld, Roxy's voice Bobbie Block, Stormer's singing voice Lani Groves, and Jetta's voice actress Louise Dorsey.


Abracadabra, open your eyes
Abracadabra, you're gonna get a big surprise
Abracadabra, what do you see?
Abracadabra, you're gonna have to deal with me

Hocus-pocus, presto-change
See the tangled web I weave
Oh, alakazoo, guess what's new?
I've got more tricks up my sleeve

Abracadabra, everything's changed
Abracadabra, your life is being rearranged
Abracadabra, how do you feel?
Abracadabra, I bet the whole thing seems unreal

Oh, abracadabra
Abracadabra, oh, oh, oh




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