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• 10/21/2018

Important Information

Hello all,

Recently I have edited the template for the Villain Song Infobox used on every page, removing the underscores from the code and replacing them with spaces. Because of this, many of the infoboxes will be messed up for a bit while I work on fixing all 382+ of them. This announcement is just to inform you that nothing is wrong, and to use the new code (no underscores) when editing/creating a page from now on. If anyone would like to assist in the renovation, you are more than welcome to help out; every little bit helps!


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• 8/6/2017

Song/Cover/Remix Permission Thread

If a song does not appear on iTunes, Spotify, or Loudr, but you still think it is well-known or stands out enough to have a page on this wiki, make the suggestions here.

When suggesting, include:
*The name of the song
*The artist
*A link to where the video of the song can be found

This tool will also be used if there is a cover or remix of the song that does not appear on the aforementioned sites, but you still think should be considered for inclusion.

Rules of this thread:
*Admins (and/or specially selected users) are the only ones that are to vote yes or no on a suggestion.
*Only one suggestion will be considered at a time.
*No links to inappropriate content or media outside of the one described.
*No off-topic conversations or subjects. This thread is for song/remix/cover inclusion suggestions ONLY.
*Voters can abstain, but can only vote once; yes or no.
*Keep this thread clean from any inappropriate language, subjects, and insults
*If a suggestion is down-voted and disapproved, do not attempt to retry. Also, do not be angry or lash out if your suggestion is not approved.
*Majority vote wins.
*In the case of a tie or lack of any votes, the suggestion will be disapproved.
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